“Learning the Yii Framework” Series Now in French

January 14, 2011 — 2 Comments
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Nico, from Mémorandom, recently contacted me about translating my popular “Learning the Yii Framework” into French and publishing it on that site. I’m pleased to say that the first three parts of the series—Introduction to the Yii Framework, Getting Started with the Yii Framework, and Configuring Yii—have already been translated and are available online. This should hopefully help expand Yii’s international influence. My thanks to Nico for the nice words on my series and for the work in translating it!

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2 responses to “Learning the Yii Framework” Series Now in French

  1. This is pretty fun to see, especially since Symfony, which is backed by a French company, is one of Yii’s PHP framework “competitors”.

    Larry, thanks for such a great site. I’m sure folks would be interested in your thoughts on Symfony 2 once it is fully released, probably this month. It seems like Symfony 2 is really flexible, but maybe to a fault. I think one of the strengths of Yii is that it sort of enforces some best practices patterns on developers.

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