Yii2, What’s New

June 22, 2012 — 4 Comments
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Alexander Makarov, recently gave a presentation at the Yiiconf 2012 (note that site is in Russian) titled “Yii2, What’s New“. In the presentation, Makarov, one of the core Yii framework developers and the author of the Yii 1.1 Application Development Cookbook, discussed both Yii’s current status and the expected changes in the upcoming Yii version 2. I believe that an alpha version of Yii2 will be out later this summer (and, in fact, I’ll be coordinating the writing of my Yii book with the release of Yii2).

The presentation quickly explains where Yii current stands, how Yii got to be here, and where Yii is going in the future. There’s even a reference to yours truly!

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4 responses to Yii2, What’s New

  1. Do I hold off on my new Yii project as Yii 2 is not too far off? Hard decision. The new Yii 2 book at the same time of the release is great news!

    • I wouldn’t say that Yii2 is “not too far off”. It’s not yet in a public alpha. If you have a Yii project that you need to do now, do it in Yii 1. In fact, I’ll be selling the book using a site written in Yii 1.

  2. hi larry
    plz help me,I want to program a site with yii framework but I have a big problem in using modules,I don’t know how can I use the modules in my project can u send me an application that u use module in it? my email is rozitaghasemi@yahoo.com.plz help me I really thanks u.

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