What Third-Party Library Do You Integrate with Yii?

September 18, 2013 — 30 Comments
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I’m looking ahead to writing Chapter 20, “Working with Third-Party Libraries,” of “The Yii Book” (I’m currently writing Chapter 19), and was wondering what people wanted me to specifically demonstrate. Originally, I had intended to use the Zend Framework as my example. I like how ZF components can be easily used on their own, and I’d frequently used ZF with my own Yii projects. Lately, I’ve been thinking about using Symfony in the chapter. I’ve not touched Symfony yet myself, but have heard good things. Of course, the examples don’t have to use frameworks; they could use any type of library.

So as I’m gearing up to write that chapter, I was wondering what third-party library you integrate with Yii? Or, what third-party library would you like to integrate with Yii? Or, what third-party library would you like to see me integrate with Yii?

Any and all suggestions and feedback are most welcome. Thanks!

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30 responses to What Third-Party Library Do You Integrate with Yii?

  1. I would like to see the Zend framework

  2. I’ve been working with DevExpress’ ChartJS for PracticeVine.com. http://chartjs.devexpress.com I really like it. I think it would be of value and interest to a lot of your readers to cover a charting framework, and I’d vote for this one in particular. I would like to write an extension to encapsulate it at some point.

  3. Hi Larry, it would be nice to use ExtJs.

  4. I think whichever framework would be most useful to people or used most often. I can’t comment on the merits of everyone’s suggestions, but I would suspect ZF or Symfony probably have more components that are in need for general website development. Particular things like Zend Search (Lucene) and Zend Mail.

  5. I would like to vote ExtJs

  6. Elastic Search or Lucene would be great

  7. Elastic Search..

  8. i am not integrating any 3rd party library because i am waiting for the chapter. i would like it to focus on the general principles that will enable me to choose any library and use its functionality. focusing on one will not be of a great help.

    • It’s not that I’m going to focus on one, it’s that I’ll use one or more libraries for the examples. I’ll teach the general principles, of course, but books also need specifics.

  9. Id love to see how you would implement the Facebook SDK, both with graph-functions and how you would combine standard registration and facebook login to a page.

  10. Definitely ZF integration! Perhaps something with email, creating templates that can be updated by admin users etc.

  11. I use this one to help with debugging. http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/yii-debug-toolbar

    A working version can be found on github (not the right hand side link to the zip file). It displays a lot of information which I have found very useful for debugging..

  12. Bootstrap http://getbootstrap.com/ is the one I’d like to see.
    There are a couple of Yii extensions for Bootstrap but they’re all for version 2.

  13. Datatables and / or Grocery CRUD, maybe? :-)

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