PHP 6 and MySQL 5 for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide (3rd Edition)

Welcome to the companion Web site for the third edition of the book PHP 6 and MySQL 5 for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide, written by Larry Ullman and published by Peachpit Press. This page is specifically for the book’s third edition, published in December 2008 (ISBN 0-321-52599-x). The first edition was published in May 2003 (ISBN 0-321-18648-6). If you are using the first edition of the book, you should go to that page. The second edition was published in June 2005 (ISBN 0-321-33657-7). If you are using the second edition of the book, you should go to that page. The fourth edition of the book will be published in Summer 2011.

Beside the handful of pages dedicated to this edition of this book, there’s plenty of other content on that you might be interested in. Use the “Post Categories” links above to browse by general topic.

You can download the code for the book using the link below. If you have any questions or problems, I’d recommend using the book’s corresponding support forum, where you’ll get the fastest answer.


Every script in the text is available here to be downloaded. Some things you should know:

  • Although these scripts are named or numbered as they are in the book, they do include any updates and changes as warranted by errors that were found after publication. Thus, if you are having problems with a particular script, download the most current version here or check the errata section.
  • The URLs as referenced in the book (e.g. are not available for execution online.
  • These are the scripts for the THIRD EDITION of the book. If you are using a different edition, click the appropriate link above to find the correct page.
  • These scripts have been formatted with line breaks that will work on most systems running most text editors. If you have difficulty opening a script, try:
    • adjusting the way your text editor treats text files
    • using a different text editor, if possible
    • posting a message to the online forum, asking for help

Complete Set of Scripts and SQL Commands (131 KB, last modified 11/25/2009)

The extras mentioned in the book can be found in the appropriate chapter folders in the complete set of scripts and commands.

145 responses to PHP 6 and MySQL 5 for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide (3rd Edition)

  1. It’s ok i found the problem i can see it now btw i appreciate ur book and its tutoring is very good thks man

  2. Hi Larry

    I really like your book

    I am trying to learn how to create a login system using your files
    can you please tell me do I copy these files all into htdocs as one
    I try to run it it says “failed to open stream no such file”

    Thanks for your help

  3. hi Larry

    Is the User management script still up-to-date regarding security. it seems to me its very vunerable to xxs and also simple sql statements since it does not check for the submitted “variable names” (not the values). i know it was not intended to be a complete version with tokens and so on but it might be needed to make the users aware of not using it on a live environment.

    btw, best book in php for beginners.

    • Thanks for the nice words on the book. As for your question, it depends which particular script you’re talking about. If you need help with something, please use the support forums.

  4. The URL specified in this book for a Companion Website is not working

    Has this been moved at all ???

  5. Hey Larry,
    I read this book about a year ago when I knew very little about web development. It has a tremendous amount of information in it and I really learned a lot. Thank you for making a great book.

    – Luc Hall

  6. Hi, Love your book! I can’t seem to find an sql file in the downloads folder for ch.5?

    • Really sorry! I was using a different database! Thanks for a great book and I just want to say it’s really kind of you to take the time to respond to users – you really don’t have to. I think you’re a great writer and any bad reviews on Amazon should be deleted! I look forward to buying your C++ book – that’s my next challenge!

      Best of luck in the future!

      • No problem, John. Thank you for the very nice words and for the interest in my books. And, by the way, I always very much appreciate the positive Amazon reviews (in part to combat the negative ones). Cheers!

  7. Christopher Bergin August 2, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    I was looking for the downloadable scripts for the 4th edition of PHP and MySQL. Would they be available on this site?

  8. I just want to say a very thanks to you, because your book has been splendid. I love the approach you used in addressing each lessons.

  9. This book is invaluable to me. I was trying to learn PHP for years, and bought this in 2009 after failing miserably with other titles. I found the book to be very well written, and found that whilst the examples given work well throughout the book, they also work very well when individually referencing things. I was worried that a book on PHP & MySQL would lead me to be able to copy the code in the book and reproduce, but not so with this one. I can use this book as a base to write near enough any application I can think of.

    Unlike all of my other much more impressive looking, clean, neat and tidy computing books, this one is battered, bent, scribbled in, and very well used – the sign of an excellent book! I’ve just ordered PHP Advanced Object Oriented Programming, and very much look forward to improving my development skills.

    Cheers Larry!

  10. Hello Sir I’m feeling delighted just by writing comments, because I’m writing it to a well known writer.. I have just stepped in PHP, i hav downloaded several ebooks on php from but i fnd urs as the most expailnatory…….As i go through this book i will try to enhance my knowledge on php…Thanks a lot………

  11. Hi Larry,

    Excellent book!
    I’m finding it very easy to learn PHP, since I’ve learnt a little Java before. This fact alone gives me confidence that I can get a handle on PHP.

    You are an excellent teacher! Stuff is very well explained and I like the pace of the book.

    Cheers, Peter Kenny

  12. This is the best book I’ve encountered on this subject! Are all of your books written in the same way (with simple steps to follow)? Your way of writing got me motivated to learn even more!

  13. Thank you for writing this very nice book!!! I have read many php books, but this is special… I enjoy reading it!!!

  14. Hi Larry,
    Your book is something else (i.e like a hand full of manner from heaven). Your style of writing is the best I have ever seen. I am currently working on a Social Networking site, and my phase of progress could be compared to the speed of light. This is because your book set out the path for me. Larry! if you were a Nigerian, I would have tagged you with the name: The General (In the Army). Thank you so very much

  15. Hi there!

    I really like the book. I’m doing the mySQL part of it and I was wondering what happened to the mySQL related scripts. Chapters 4 to 6 are missing from the downloadable set of scripts. Any suggestion. Thanks

  16. Sir I also want to b a great web designer. I have learn in college. But I haven’t still not so good I want to b professional so pls let me know which book I start for PHP and Web developing. Hope to listen from you very soon

  17. flaitguyMichael May 29, 2013 at 8:36 am

    Excellent book. Very well done. Probably the explanations of each piece of code as you go is the most valuable and you tell the WHY of things so it all makes more sense.

  18. Hi, I love your books – thank you!

    Are you aware that McAfee Site Advisor lists your forum as suspicious!
    The message you get is:
    “Whoa! Are you sure you want to go there?… may be risky to visit.
    When we visited this site, we found it exhibited one or more risky behaviors.”

    This is probably more a comment on McAfee than on the forum (I hope?)

    • Thanks, Rob, for the nice words. I’m not aware of that McAfee response, but thanks for bringing it to my attention. I just used McAfee’s tools to check my site’s status and didn’t find any issues reported, so it doesn’t look like there’s anything I need/should do here.

  19. I’m not finding Script 3.2 when I download the complete set. Am I missing something?

    • Nm, figured out it was in the includes folder. Was just thrown when I saw the other script folders and not 3.2.

      Great book Larry, it’s definitely making it easy to learn. Went through an online guide from That was a good intro., but this is really giving me the nuts and bolts. I’m excited to be making progress on something I’ve been dreaming of learning for a few years. I’ve never thought of myself as someone who could become a programmer (I’m more of a business/marketing guy). Now that I’ve taken the plunge, your book is giving me the confidence to keep going. Thanks!

  20. thank you very much sir,for such a good book and help.

  21. Hellow sir . , I really like your all books , I think you will help me if any problem faced , Thank you .
    Chayon shaah (Mymensingh Bangladesh).

  22. Sir…
    please tell me…. how to know (or change) the hostname of mysql sever????

  23. Dear Larry,
    I really like this book. I am new for PHP. You gave me a good insight with example. Your book showed a lot of good topic. For instead , security, making universal sites, error handling and debugging….many more. Many Many Thanks.

  24. hello larry.

    I’m reading your book chapter 15.

    when I make database forum2 and make lanuages, threads,,.. and so on.

    and then I INSERT

    INSERT INTO languages (lang, lang_eng) VALUES
    (‘English’, ‘English’),
    (‘Português’, ‘Portuguese’),
    (‘Français’, ‘French’),
    (‘Norsk’, ‘Norwegian’),
    (‘Romanian’, ‘Romanian’),
    (‘Ελληνικά’, ‘Greek’),
    (‘Deutsch’, ‘German’),
    (‘Srpski’, ‘Serbian’),
    (‘日本語’, ‘Japanese’),
    (‘Nederlands’, ‘Dutch’);

    WHEN INSERT THIS query MYSQL SAY : ERROR 1062 (23000) : Duplicate enty “ for key `lang`

    I’M basic user about php, sql so i just follow your book. please give me soution^^

    • I INSER STEP BY STEP , AND ENGLISH ~ Srpski step are inserted but when i insert

      INSERT INTO languages (lang, lang_eng) VALUES

      (‘日本語’, ‘Japanese’);

      ERROR 1062 (23000) : Duplicate enty ` ` for key `lang` What’s wrong?


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