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A forum dedicated to topics brought up in one of Larry Ullman's newsletters, in his blog, or for any other topic not appropriate in the other forums. 
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As of March 14, 2011, this forum has been replaced and is permanently set to read-only mode. This means you can view any existing post but cannot open new posts or reply to existing ones. The new forum is located athttp://www.larryullman.com/forums/If you need to post a message, you'll need to register there. If you have to post in order to follow up on a thread started here, well, that's going to be a bit of a pain. I would recommend just posting the appropriate information, or copying the original text from here, or linking to your thread here. I apologize for the inconvenience but this purge will make for better forums in the long run. Thanks.

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Outsourcing HTML template design

by callumd
210/27/2008 02:11AM
Last Post by Larry

PHP vs RoR

by juanes
509/14/2008 06:56PM
Last Post by juanes

Adobe AIR

by Yelgnidroc
604/10/2008 12:05AM
Last Post by Larry
This topic has been moved.

Operator Precedence in PHP

by Alan_G
This topic has been moved.

Link to this forum vs. the link to PHP6 forum

by darko
302/08/2008 05:52PM
Last Post by Larry

php 6 and mysql the updated version for php and mysql?

by aayybb
201/10/2008 01:11AM
Last Post by Larry

Interweaving Technologies

by Cogent
409/03/2007 02:08PM
Last Post by Larry