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We love Yii. It rocks! -- More Yii articles please =)

Posted by pigpen 
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We love Yii. It rocks! -- More Yii articles please =)
March 17, 2010 09:13PM
Hi Larry. I'm a big fan of your books. I bought your PHP books many years ago and they really helped launch my web development career, as at the time I was mainly a web designer and flash guy but now years later I'm mainly a web applications programmer. A lot of it is due to studying PHP from your books, and although I've gone on to other languages and frameworks, like C#/ASP.NET and Python/Django, I still use PHP often for existing websites for clients and I'm always reminded of where I got my start.

With that preamble aside, I was also happy to see that you are covering the Yii framework. One of the reasons I preferred Microsoft Dot.NET and Python/Django was because of their frameworks, letting me build up complex sites quickly. While working for various web studios, deadlines were tough so rapid development was essential. When I had PHP-only jobs, I tried testing some popular PHP frameworks, and at the time (around 2007/2008), I just decided that it was just easier to roll my own PHP framework/code from scratch, or convince the client to use Dot.NET or Python. Like you have mentioned, I just love OOP for application development, especially after learning C# and Python both of which are OOP-centric languages, so having to use PHP 4 for the existing PHP frameworks at the time really felt backwards for me. Of course now things are changing in the PHP world.

I was curious about Prado, a lesser known PHP framework, as it had some inspiration from the Dot.NET framework which I know well, so I was especially intrigued when the Prado creator put out a new framework called Yii, based on PHP 5 taking advantage of PHP 5 Object-oriented practices. I often need something lightweight when working on PHP sites, so this seemed like the perfect thing (although I have yet to try Kohana, the PHP 5 fork of Codeigniter).

And again, you helped me out when learning Yii. Your Yii framework blog articles, I found, were more helpful than the beginner documents on the Yii site. While Yii is thoroughly documented, the reference guide lacks examples unlike the PHP manual or Microsoft MSDN (and Django documents). I'll often get lost in the Yii API docs, then I'll go back to your blog articles and go "oh, that's what they mean." Your years of expertise of writing technical books really shows here, being able to explain programming concepts clearly. Sometimes I feel the Yii docs are bit too dry or need more examples.

I guess this is a long way of saying "thank you" and I encourage you to write more articles about Yii.

Any chance of making a Yii sub-forum here? The Yii community on the official Yii forums are helpful, but it would be nice to have another available resource and community. Maybe a sub-forum could be devoted to your Yii articles and we can discuss them in more detail or just have a general Yii sub-forum. I only ask, as it seems that you've adopted Yii for several PHP projects so it seems you are enjoying the framework.

Thanks again.

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Re: We love Yii. It rocks! -- More Yii articles please =)
March 18, 2010 12:23AM
Hello Pigpen,

Thanks for all the nice words and the background information (always interesting to hear what others are doing). I'm glad you're liking Yii. It's the first PHP framework that I've really taken to myself. I'll keep writing blog articles on Yii. If there are any specific subjects you'd like me to write about, let me know and I'll see what I can do. I don't really want to create a Yii forum as I'm not really up for that level of technical support on Yii. I would think the Yii forum would be best, but you're welcome to post Yii-related questions in this forum.

Best Wishes,

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