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Lithium framework?

Posted by jamesDM 
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Lithium framework?
March 19, 2010 01:40PM
Hi Larry

I'm looking around to choose my first framework. I've had a look at your Yii tuts to help me better understand how they work - thanks! I've also stumbled upon Lithium, a new framework still in development from a forking of the Cake team. I get the impression there's a new framework every 5 minutes, so maybe Lithium is nothing special and will fade into the melee?

I saw these slides:

Lithium confoo presentation:- [www.slideshare.net]
Lithium presentation with audio:- [lithify.me]

I wonder if you've heard of Lithium, and if so, what your impressions of it might be... as I'm still pretty green to all this? I'm in no hurry to jump on the latest thing, but what ever I do end up jumping on, I'd like it to last me well (I guess that's what everyone wishes for though, right?).
Re: Lithium framework?
March 19, 2010 02:02PM
Yes, it certainly seems like a new framework comes up every 5 minutes and as much as I'm pleased with Yii, I'm not of the opinion that Yii is the one true framework and everyone should use it.

So the fact that Lithium comes from an established framework, CakePHP, is a good thing (just like Yii was created by the guy that created Prado). However, the fact that a search in Google doesn't readily turn up the Lithium Web site, is a bad thing. I did look at the Web site a little bit and I looked at the first 30 pages of that slideshow. It worries me whenever anyone or anything is trying to be different, which seems to be largely what Lithium is about. I've seen plenty of other frameworks whose Web sites, documentation, etc. would make me think the framework was worth pursuing. Lithium does not fall into that category. I am unimpressed with what I saw.

But that's just my opinion on this. Most frameworks have introductory tutorials. If you can follow that and get a decent sense of a framework in 30 minutes, it may be worth going further. You can try that with Lithium if you're curious to see if it might suit you.

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