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General Information

Posted by MrJames 
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General Information
July 22, 2010 04:37AM

Just two quick questions:

1) Is it to late to suggest somethings like Widget production / Feeds for larry's new book ?

2) I have been looking at other websites, notably buysellads.com and was wondering how they get there information, whether it comes from a third party like alexa ? and also how they create the code to put on people's websites ?

Any ideas

Re: General Information
July 23, 2010 01:58PM
Not too late at all, thanks for the suggestions. As for buysellads.com, I'm not familiar with them, so I couldn't say what information they have or where it comes from. For the code creation, they probably just have a JavaScript template and they insert a specific value in somewhere that identifies the customer.

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