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Digital copies of books

Posted by robtheailean 
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Digital copies of books
August 15, 2010 11:58PM
Sorry if this has been asked before;
But what is the major obstacle to co-publishing printed and digital versions?

I ask as a victim of many years of paying outrageous sums for postage from Amazon et al to get up to date editions in Australia.

(The major reason is a deal struck in the 50's by the major publishing houses, that put Australia in the British "sphere of influence" and meant no book could be published in Australia from the US, until it had been piublished in the UK).

Digital editions have been a big equaliser in that situation, but they are still in the minority, when it comes to technical publications.

While I have always been aware of having to have your PC with you to read a digital book - (ashamed as I am to say :) ) I bought an iPad (may the Gods of Windows forgive me...) and for me, digital editions are now my preferred way to read (especially if you, as a first step, get Stanza).
Re: Digital copies of books
August 16, 2010 01:04AM
Thanks for your question. It's a good one, but one that I can't really answer. I have surprisingly little to do with the publishing process, although my publisher would answer any question I ask of them. All I do know is:
- Electronic publishing is still very new and a relatively small percentage of the market.
- There are different costs associated with electronic publishing (you don't have to manufacture and ship a book, but you still need to pay for the conversion to the e-format).

I know my publisher is keenly aware of this burgeoning market and publishes some of my books in electronic formats, but I believe they're picking and choosing which books they do this for, not automatically doing it for all of them. My suspicion would be, in a case such as Australia, they'd make comparable money selling the e-version as they would the printed, because overseas, only a fraction of the book's cost goes to the original publisher.

That's about the best I know or would think to know on this. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!

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