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Chapters 22 and 23 of “The Yii Book” are example chapters, in which I don’t cover new material but rather put together previous material in a more complete context. These example chapters have been popular in my other books, so I thought I’d include two in this book. The specific examples I came up with are:

A blog/CMS example
An e-commerce site
The blog (Chapter 22) is a more complete version of what was commonly used as an example throughout the entire book. For the e-commerce example, I came up with the idea of selling books (imagine that!).

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Much Ado About Yii

October 21, 2014

Without much formality (aside from the Shakespeare), I’d like to share four bits of Yii-related news:

The Release Candidate of Yii 2
Progress on “The Yii Book”
Looking ahead to “The Yii 2 Book” (aka, the second edition)
An online Yii 2 presentation I’m doing this Thursday, October 23, 2014 for Nomad PHP

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On October 23, I’ll be doing an online presentation titled “Faster Web Development with Yii Framework 2”. In this presentation, I’ll be introducing the Yii framework in general, and version 2 in particular. Keep reading this post for an introduction to the presentation, or click the “Faster Web Development with Yii Framework 2″ link in the first sentence.

This is a paid event, put on by NomadPHP, but the cost is only $15, for either live attendance or a video afterwards.

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After way too long, I’ve finally posted version 0.9 of “The Yii Book”. This includes two of the hardest chapters to write: Chapter 20, “Working with Third-Party Libraries,” and Chapter 21, “Testing Your Application”. (See the current table of contents.)

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Approximately 1,000 years ago (or 5 months), I promised to give away copies of my “Effortless E-commerce with PHP and MySQL (2nd Edition)” book to those people that have purchased “The Yii Book”. The only problem is I had to create the code to do that. Which I now have. And it may even work.

If you’re interested in possibly winning a copy, log into your account. Then click the “Giveaway” link that appears in the navigation sidebar. If you can’t recall your password, use the reset link.

Pesky details of this giveaway…

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