Yii 2 Public Preview and “The Yii Book”

May 6, 2013 — 16 Comments
The Yii Book If you like my writing on the Yii framework, you'll love "The Yii Book"!

Last week, the first public preview of version 2 of the Yii framework was announced. Qiang and the entire team have been working very hard, and this is a great milestone to reach. The code is available on Github, and there’s a whole forum dedicated to feedback and design discussions. Input from the Yii community is actively encouraged. All that being said, understand that Yii 2 is not nearly ready for production uses yet. Many bugs will undoubtedly be found, and other changes to the framework’s design are inevitable, too.

Besides mentioning this exciting news, I also wanted to explain how I expect this impacts my self-published book on the Yii framework.

As version 2 of the framework was being developed while I was writing the book, it was always my intention to start writing the book for Yii 1, and eventually update it all for Yii 2. The question is when I make that switch. Considering that Yii 2 is not production ready, and more changes are sure to come, my current plan is to complete the first draft of the book for Yii 1. Yii 1 is what people are using now, and there’s still a lot more information that people need to be covered by the book.

I assume that it will probably be three months or so before Yii 2 is ironed out and close to being production ready. The first electronic version of “The Yii Book” will be done by then. The remaining questions will be:

  • When do I do a print run of the book?
  • When do I start the process of having the book translated?

In other words, will the order be:

  • Complete the book for Yii 1
  • Update the book for Yii 2
  • Create a print version of the book (for Yii 2)
  • Create translations of the book (for Yii 2)

In that scenario, no print version or translations will ever be done for the Yii 1 version of the book.

Or will the order be:

  • Complete the book for Yii 1
  • Create a print version of the book (for Yii 1)
  • Create translations of the book (for Yii 1)
  • Update the book for Yii 2
  • Create a print version of the book (for Yii 2)
  • Create translations of the book (for Yii 2)

I will have to wait and see how things go, but my inclination today is that the first order will be what happens. On the one hand, the book’s content for Yii 2 won’t really be finalized until about Yii 2.0.x, when most of the post-production bugs have been found and fixed. This could be Fall 2013. On the other hand, I don’t want to ask translators to translate the entire book twice, as that’s a lot of work.

So, the short version of all this is that I’m going to complete the electronic version of the book for Yii version 1 first. Then I’ll see about translations and print copies based upon where Yii 2 is at that time.

As a reminder, anyone that purchases an electronic, English-language, Yii 1 version of the book will receive the electronic, English-language, Yii 2 version for free. 

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16 responses to Yii 2 Public Preview and “The Yii Book”

  1. sounds like a plan, Larry. I like it.

  2. I think Plan A makes the most sense. In my opinion, there is no point in doing a print version for Yii 1.

  3. Thanks for the update Larry! The book is awesome!

  4. I vote for Plan B, because I dont like to carry on single printed sheets.

    Reading a book is more comfortable, and to getting the Yii 2 book will be a long waiting time.

  5. What about doing only an English version of the Yii1 printed book? I’d pay extra for that..

    Yii2 won’t be ready untill end of this year (if it won’t be begin 2014), and then you’d still need to rewrite most of your book. Yii2 is similar to Yii1, but as far as I’ve seen the public preview, there are substantial differences.

  6. When do you think that YII2 book will be published. Are you going to release chapter by chapter?

    • Thanks for your question. I’m not sure, as it partially depends upon Yii2’s progress. However, I will just update the entire book for Yii2 and publish it at once. I shouldn’t need to go through chapter by chapter.

  7. Thanks for your efforts, Yii 2 maybe will be production ready soon, please tell us estimated date when you will update your book?

    • Thanks! I’m not sure when, exactly, I’ll update the book for Yii 2, although I’m not sure that Yii 2 is exactly production ready soon either. But I’ll post updates here as I have them!

  8. Plan B is better I think…soon Yii 1 will a framework nobody will want to learn…all eyes are on Yii 2 now. I am also curious about how it will compare with Laravel 4.

  9. Well, Guyz everyone has his own view, my two cents,

    As Larry is doing excellent work, I am badly waiting for his to complete the book on Yii2 so that we can go with best practice on the latest one.

    Though it’s true that a huge user base is still to on with Yii 1.x. but future is Yii2 and I want Larry to concentrate on the Future while completing the Yii1 book for user base. Eventually all existing userbase has to go with Yii2 later or sooner….

    I say Plan A is ++++++

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